Design department

Element is the creator and manufacturer of a wide range of spare parts for equipment of various brands. Why is it profitable for you?

Our own design office allows us not only to upgrade spare parts for various equipment to increase its efficiency, rather, Element Engineering Service helps to find the best solution for each customer, with all the necessary documentation and high standards of solutions reliability that directly affect your productivity.

How does the Element engineering work?

The main task of our design department is continuous improvement of manufactured parts performance based on analysis of the data collected during maintenance of the customer's equipment fleet. Collecting information from different sources and analyzing it, our designers make small, but important modifications that allows for constant improvement the efficiency of operation of installed equipment.

Moreover, our Design department has all the necessary facilities for individual modernization. We collect information from the production site, analyze it, make the necessary design modifications of the spare parts and organizational changes in the supply process and produce by any batch quantities in accordance with the Element quality standards based on flexible production technologies.

We constantly recruit talented engineers and designers able to support the process of continuous improvements and to formalize it by creating and improving design documentation. Strictly regulated stages ensure the fulfillment of the task and guaranteeing the reliability and efficiency of the solutions offered to you.
- Reverse engineering
- In-house development from scratch
- Сonformance inspection in accordance with the manufacturer s regulations
- Testing of prototypes
- Organization of system quality control during mass production