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Interview with the Finnish magazine Kivirock

The Finnish publishing house published an article about Element’s production and service.

Publication language: ru

Quality assurance in production outsourcing

Outsourcing is the most important trend of modern business operations. To ensure the timely supply of spare parts for equipment in operation, manufacturers build complex logistics chains that include the outsourcing of manufacturing plants.
Element presentation. Element video presentation: a description of the company’s workflow from A to Z.

09/24/2019 02:43:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Outsourcing as an optimal production model

In the field of heavy engineering, outsourcing is widely applied around the world. They explained the difference between trading and outsourcing and outlined the advantages of this production model.

06/26/2019 02:38:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Crushing equipment repair: it is time to count money

As industry experts, we explained reporters why it is now profitable for enterprises to buy and install high-quality wear materials and plan ahead for repairs: enterprise losses caused by downtimes can be tens of times the cost of consumables and capital assemblies.

04/03/2019 02:32:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Spares for mining equipment. Element

We told how we work with customers demanding spare parts: starting from the delivery of the requested article and providing guarantees to optimization of products for the customer's needs and the selection of analogues.

12/21/2018 02:02:00 pm
12/21/2018 02:02:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Mining Element LLC: Reverse engineering - direct copying of products or development from scratch

What steps are involved in reverse engineering? What are the features of the part scanning process? How to store all the data received from customers? Experts told about the intricacies of reverse engineering and the tasks that it solves.

12/20/2018 02:23:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Lining protects steel giants

How effective is protective lining against premature wear, corrosion and adhesion? How to save money with the proper lining and extend the life of the machines? Element answered reporters for these and other questions.

Publication language: en

Element presentation

Element video presentation: description of Company’s workflow from A to Z.

09/13/2018 02:13:00 pm
Publication language: ru

Russian crushing and screening equipment: tough competition?

Element experts told reporters about the condition of the domestic crushing and screening equipment market and service: how does good service differ from a bad one, when it makes sense to repair parts and when to replace?

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