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12/21/2018 02:02:00 pm
Publication language: Russian

Mining Element LLC: Reverse engineering - direct copying of products or development from scratch

What steps are involved in reverse engineering? What are the features of the part scanning process? How to store all the data received from customers? Experts told about the intricacies of reverse engineering and the tasks that it solves.

12/21/2018 02:02:00 pm
12/20/2018 02:23:00 pm
12/20/2018 02:23:00 pm
Publication language: Russian

Lining protects steel giants

How effective is protective lining against premature wear, corrosion and adhesion? How to save money with the proper lining and extend the life of the machines? Element answered reporters for these and other questions.

Publication language: English

Element presentation

Element video presentation: description of Company’s workflow from A to Z.

09/13/2018 02:13:00 pm
Publication language: Russian

Russian crushing and screening equipment: tough competition?

Element experts told reporters about the condition of the domestic crushing and screening equipment market and service: how does good service differ from a bad one, when it makes sense to repair parts and when to replace?

Publication language: Russian

Element’s wet-end for slurry pumps found to increase durability by 18%

An Element’s set of wet-end parts for a Warman slurry pump at one of Severstal’s plants exceeded the lifetime of previously installed liners by 18%, and will likely serve for even longer. Element’s wet-end set for pumps includes a case liner, a throatbush, a backliner and an impeller. The assembled wear parts were installed at the tailings pump station in January 2020. The plant’s maintenance team has since been monitoring the state of the wet-end in accordance with the plant’s inspection schedule. The customer didn’t note any changes in terms of both the equipment’s characteristics and its mechanical reliability.

Publication language: Romaninan

No more relining hoppers every 4-5 months

Rubber-ceramic and polyurethane-ceramic plates can serve for up to 5 years. In comparison with steel liners, this works out to be 10-13 times longer. The management team at a Siberian quarry witnessed this first hand. It’s been three years since the enterprise installed Element’s plates on a screen transit hopper. Now, they save $4,000 per year on repair work for just one screen’s transit hopper.

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