Element offers comprehensive technical service and equipment maintenance, diagnostic services, production process auditing and occupational safety for the ore minerals processing industry and the aggregates industry.

Our important and advantageous feature is in the approach combining technical service, technological analysis and organizational audit. We do not just service the equipment, rather, we help to optimize the production process in a comprehensive way: from maintenance and upgrading of equipment to the developing new competencies and skills of your employees.

How does the Element service work?

'The equipment should work a maximum possible time with the maximum possible productivity, manufacturing the product of the highest quality'
Our approach to the organization of equipment maintenance service is built on a constant increase of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is derived from the achieved equipment technical availability (ETA) and equipment utilization ratio (EUR) coefficients.

Key differences and advantages of the Element service offering

Flexibility of the service contract

Variability of service agreement options allows to individually set up a scope of work, payment system, key indicators and guarantees of their achievement, time limits of service providing.

Continuous training and skills development for your staff

Regular training of our employees allows us to perform work quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the constant presence of our experts who are in close association and in close contact at your production site on a daily basis with your company staff leads to the exchange of knowledge and, ultimately, to the growth of competencies and skills of the staff. This eventually reduces unplanned shutdowns and improves production efficiency.

Real-time implementation of technical improvements

Our company's service department works in close cooperation with the company's production and design departments, which allows us to implement continuous improvements based on a deep analysis of your production process. However, the transition to the described model of cooperation (in fact, outsource maintenance and repair services) is related to certain difficulties. According to many experts, the transition to such a model of equipment maintenance leads to the risk of maintenance and repairs costs rising. However, as the world practice has shown, properly established key process indicators in the service contract lead not only to the stabilization of the production process, but also to a reduction of maintenance and repair share in the cost of finished products.