Field services

As part of service contracts, Element offers managing the long-term equipment maintenance service at our customers sites. The tasks of such projects include:

- Development of an integrated maintenance plan based on implementation of the increasing reliability strategy

The plan can be developed both for a separate unit of equipment, a separate operation (e.g. shutdown), and for the whole range of maintenance operations of the crushing and grinding circuit, pump fleet and other associated equipment. The main emphasis is made on preventive maintenance in order to reduce the number of emergency situations.

- Continuous monitoring of equipment operation and analysis of monitoring data

Planning of work scopes and schedules based on monitoring data and production programs of the customer; analysis of the performed maintenance and repair of the equipment with the development of technical and organizational solutions to reduce equipment downtime during repairs and increase the repair intervals.

Diagnostics and audits

Within the framework of the Diagnostics and Audit Agreement, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the overall production processes and technology structure, identifying and classifying losses that affect current performance, providing a complete report for the selected calendar period, which could become a basis for the optimization programs of:

- Production technologies

- Shutdowns for maintenance and repair

- Technological processes organization plan

- Maintenance and repair plan

Typically, the results of the implementation of these programs are - productivity growth, optimization of the number of personnel, predictability and a reduction in operating costs. For diagnostics of the equipment high quality modern devices are used - thermal imagers, vibrometers, oil analyzers. Service engineers undergo special training, which allows to perform complex equipment inspections in a most effective way. Based on the diagnostic results, a report is prepared with recommendations and measures to be taken to improve production efficiency, including the extension or reduction of maintenance intervals. Regular and scheduled diagnostics of equipment allow to avoid accidents, identifying hazards in advance, ensuring maximum efficiency of the equipment.

The Policy in the field of safety, labor protection and environmental protection

Sustainable development of the company can be ensured only by keeping a balance between production activities and ensuring the HSE Policy, health protection, social and economic interests of employees as well as guiding in the professional activities by the following principles:

- Compliance of the HSE Policy with the requirements of legislative and other regulatory legal and local acts

- Consideration of the health of each employee as an independent humanitarian value, a factor in the company's economic development and the pledge of high-performance work

- Reducing the risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases in the company by increasing the level of training and professional development of workers in the region

- Provide healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace

The duty of every employee of the Company is active participation in the creation of healthy and safe working conditions, strict adherence to the requirements of legislative and other normative legal acts in the field of SU-HSE.

Repair works