Career in Element

Mining Element is free of routine bureaucracy – our employees pursue the common goal. All employees equally share responsibility for projects. 

Mining Element establishes all conditions for the professional growth of our staff: we actively share ideas, pay attention to every suggestion, and have the upmost respect for each and every one of our employees.

Everyone’s opinion is important to us, and has equal weight in the company

5 reasons to work with us

  1. We love what we do and are totally involved in our work
  2. We follow the Matrix structure, which allows us to work on projects as a team
  3. Each employee has an opportunity to decide the company's future by becoming a part of it
  4. The opportunity for professional growth
  5. A respectable salary, with bonuses

Our Values



The principle of reliability is the basis of our relationships with employees, partners and customers. We always stick to our word and fulfill our obligations within the agreed timeframe.


Stability doesn’t mean stagnation. Supporting this principle, we always strive for the best, creating a comfortable environment for employees and offering customers products and services with a consistent level of high quality.


People trust a company if they have all the information about its services and products. The accessibility of information allows employees to monitor the company’s activities, while the accessibility of products increases the customer's trust and loyalty.


We are focused on the continuous development of our own professional skills and the activities of the company. We study and implement state-of-the-art technologies and effective global practices that allow us to be the best in our field.


Working within a team of like-minded colleagues allows us to achieve unique results. We believe that relationships strengthen over time, and their effectiveness only increases; the more accurately we can anticipate the needs of customers, the greater our service becomes.


Any project should have a time limit, so when we set goals and objectives, we always strive to achieve them in within a set time limit. Our goal is to complete tasks on time without compromising quality.


Responsibility is a necessary condition for trust. To achieve the ambitious objectives set by the company, we perceive our tasks as common ones and hold responsibility for the actions of each individual and project-related tasks.


We appreciate initiative in our employees and perceive its manifestation as a desire for collective success. Initiative is expressed through the independent setting of goals and the organisation of tasks, which are aimed at achieving them.


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