The Element brand includes a wide range of spare and wear parts for the process equipment for the construction and mining industries.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive package for our customers, covering the entire production process and allowing us to save not on the quality of product, but on logistics and organizational costs.

What is the difference of the Element's product deliveries?

For us the first delivery is not a goal, but the starting point of our cooperation. Words long-term cooperation is an aim adhered to strictly and not used lightly hence incorporated into this phrase.

Cooperation is a process of continuous improvement, where each delivered supply allows us to accumulate experience and improve operational characteristics and, as a result, your economic performance.

Flexible production is the basis of the competitive advantage of the Element brand.

How is our production process organized?

Adaptive production is the basis of the competitive advantage of the Element brand. Setting the goal to manufacture products in large and small batches and create individual product lines with the help of our own design department, we focused the most advanced production and information technologies at this task.

We are working with production sites all around the world which provide us with a database of certified manufacturers with a different production capacity but with equally high industry manufacturing standards. We combine the production facilities of various manufacturers that can produce even the most complex product that meets the technical specification and the quality standards of Element.

The flexible and global production chain from Brazil to Finland, together with a high-tech quality control system, allows us to fulfill our commitments – to produce those spare parts that you need and modify them individually for you to maximize the full potential of your equipment. Make your business as efficient as possible, even if the fleet of your equipment is diverse.