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Original conveyor components are key to the stable and reliable operation of the equipment

Mining Element is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spare and wear parts for all models of conveyors used for transporting solid materials in large volumes in various sectors of the mining and metallurgical industry (mining mines, foundries, etc.). 

The use of branded components allows you to extend the service life of your equipment, reduce costly downtime, increase enterprise productivity and business profitability. Conveyor components are manufactured following industry quality standards to achieve maximum reliability in the most demanding of operating conditions. Mining Element provides the customer with a guarantee and full technical support throughout the product’s lifecycle. 

Range of components

The Element catalogue includes the following conveyor components for different operating conditions:

  • smooth rubber belts. Their main purpose is the horizontal movement of goods. The range of the manufacturer includes rubber-fabric bands: those that are general-purpose, and those with special properties (frost-resistance, heat-resistance, flame-resistance and oil-resistance). In the construction of belts, a frame made from polyester, polyamide, or aramid threads can be used. Product features – they can be used on conveyors with a small (up to 15 degrees) angle of inclination;
  • chevron belts. The feature of these products is the possibility of application wh ere there are problems with rolling (full or partial) cargo at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The pattern and height of the chevron are determined based on the angle of inclination of the conveyor, in addition to the size and flowability of the material;
  • steel-reinforced belts. The frame of such belts is steel cables. Their advantage is an increased margin of safety and greater flexibility in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Due to these features, they have found their application in high-load sections;
  • belts with sidewalls and bins. Their special feature is a design that allows lifting the load with a maximum slope;  
  • belts for tubular conveyors. These are based on a polyester thread. A special feature of this product is the ability to operate in extreme conditions at an angle of up to 30 degrees (rotations of the conveyor are allowed). The belt moves like a closed pipe. It opens only for the loading or unloading of materials.

The manufacturer's catalogue includes both general-purpose and flame-resistant, frost-resistant, heat-resistant and oil-resistant belts.

Besides, the range of the manufacturer includes drive, tension, end (tail) and deflecting drums, lower and upper roller supports, in addition to rollers of the tail branch of the conveyor.

The catalogue includes conveyor components made of wear-resistant materials, using innovative technological solutions.

Advantages of the spare parts from Element Group

The company offers to purchase conveyor components that exactly match the conveyors and tasks of the customer. First-class parts provide increased productivity and safety of the equipment. Problems such as belt run-off and material return are not typical for the conveyor, which is equipped with spare parts from Mining Element.

Components are characterized by wear resistance, reliability, increased operational life, and a large margin of safety. All this contributes to the minimum maintenance required to ensure a trouble-free operation of the equipment. Therefore, the rarer replacement of parts on the assembly line entails a reduction in costs, which is a priority for any business.

Turning to professionals is key to the reliable operation of the equipment

Mining Element designs and manufactures conveyor parts to keep the equipment in a reliable and serviceable condition at the lowest cost per ton of manufactured products. The company provides the customer with a guarantee for components and full technical support throughout the entire service life of the product. 

Advantages of Mining Element as a manufacturer of conveyor components:

  1. The widest portfolio of solutions on the market to improve the efficiency and safety of conveyor operations.
  2. Competitive prices. The cost of conveyor components is due to their increased operational life. The products of Mining Element are characterized by 100% compliance of the price with the quality.
  3. Warehouse program for operational satisfaction of the needs of mining and other enterprises.
  4. Efficient logistics system. This ensures prompt delivery of components to enterprises.

To get advice or order spare parts, please contact us by email or by calling the phone number listed on the website.

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