Parts of General Industrial Application

Purchasing original parts of industrial application from Mining Element leads to stable equipment operation

Mining Element offers its customers parts of industrial application, manufactured according to DIN, ISO, and GOST standards. The range includes bearings, pit posts, V-belt drives, electrical and hydraulic components, and filters.

Mining Element knows the composition of the machines used in the mining industry, so we offer complete solutions in the form of complete parts of industrial application with spare and wear parts for crushing, screening, pumping, and conveyor equipment in one order.

Mining Element is not limited to a single manufacturer's line and offers components for the equipment of most existing brands in the industry. With catalogues of spare parts for crushing and screening and other equipment, we offer standard components for delivery, ensuring complete interchangeability with spare parts from OEM manufacturers.

Quality is Mining Element's priority

Mining Element provides full warranty support for products, quickly identifying the cause of the problem. We make necessary improvements to ensure the production and supply of consistently high-quality parts.

Standard components are manufactured according to national and industry standards (DIN, ISO, GOST, etc.). For example, all imported bearings supplied by our company have a certificate of compliance with GOST 520-2011, and warranty obligations are carried out within the framework of this standard. The manufacturer's warranty applies only if the installation conditions, rules of use, and operation are observed. 

High-quality components are key to the uninterrupted operation of equipment

Mining Element is an authorized distributor of TIMKEN, one of the world leaders in the bearing industry and the world's largest manufacturer of tapered bearings.

In the mining and metallurgical industries, equipment downtime due to the breakdowns of low-quality standard components, including bearings, leads to economic losses. The mission of Mining Element is to reduce customer costs through the production, supply, and installation of high-quality spare parts, as well as through comprehensive technical assistance for the customer at any stage of the part’s operation.

High-quality bearings have a positive impact on the performance of the equipment, especially on units with high loads and rotation speeds. 

Often, due to time or price requirements, it is necessary to offer an identical product, choose a different design or material that provides more optimal characteristics. TIMKEN bearings are manufactured according to ISO 492 and are functional analogues of bearings for domestic production, which are manufactured according to GOST 520-2002.

Increase your profit with Mining Element

To ensure minimal equipment downtime, it is necessary to use original spare and wear parts. In terms of maintenance, they are preferred due to their reliability and safety of operation. Thus, the long service life of the units is guaranteed with stable performance and high profitability of the enterprise.

Mining Element provides the best service to each client:

  • we offer complete solutions – we finish parts of industrial application with spare and wear parts in one order;
  • we carry out the selection of analogues that provide optimal characteristics;
  • we have a warehouse program to quickly meet the needs of mining and other enterprises;
  • we provide professional consulting support;
  • we offer spare parts with 100% compliance with industry standards and complete interchangeability with OEM spare parts.

Thanks to the efficient work of the logistics department, prompt delivery of components to enterprises is ensured.

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