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Modified THOR linings – optimizing equipment operation in the mining and aggregates industry.

The replacement of worn parts is the biggest expenditure for any crushing and processing plant. When a plant is able to reduce the downtime of its equipment, it will also notice a reduction in costs. Indeed, the losses caused by emergency downtime severely outweigh the costs of the wear parts themselves. In addition, if the company has to constantly reline its equipment, its profits are affected in turn. The plant has to temporarily suspend production, pay for consumables (such as annealed rings and castings) and the work of service engineers, crane rent, etc.

We offer an innovative solution to increase the service life of wear parts for crushing equipment – THOR liners for cone and jaw crushers.

We would like to present an innovative solution for increasing the service life of wear parts for crushing equipment: THOR liners for cone and jaw crushers. The use of efficient, wear-resistant linings makes it possible for the crushing and processing plant to increase the inter-repair period (the period between relining), reduce the specific production costs per unit of the final product, all while reducing the number of maintenance stops.

A truly innovative solution

    The material of the THOR series linings experiences fewer cracks and much less wear because of improved crystallization conditions, reducing the number of non-metallic features, gas inclusions, and harmful impurities. At the same time, we do not make any notable changes in the chemical composition and microstructure of the lining. The durability of THOR linings is 20% more than that of standard liners. Thanks to this, the modified THOR linings are characterized by:

  • increased strength and hardness, when compared to standard liners, which is made of austenitic high-manganese steels;
  • better resistance to abrasive wear;
  • desirable performance properties (resistance to wear, ability to withstand high mechanical loads, strength, resistance to deformation, etc.);
  • an increased operational life. When compared with cheap products of Russian and Chinese production, the use of modified steel for the manufacture of THOR liners has made it possible to increase the life capacity of the bowl liner from 660 to 1333 m/h, and the cone, from 850 to 1333 m/h. Without this innovative technology, the planned replacement of the lining was due to take place every 3-4 weeks. With Mining Element’s liners, the repair interval was increased to 6-8 weeks.

During the tests, it was found that the operating costs per hour for a THOR lining were 60% lower than that of its Chinese and Russian-made counterparts, which were previously used at the enterprise. It’s important to note that on average, the consumption of linings made of austenitic high-manganese steels per crusher is 10 sets per year. This means that for relining, you need to stop the operation of the equipment 10 times. THOR armor consumption is 7.7 sets per crusher, per year. This means that for relining, you need to stop the operation of the machines only 7 times.

The rational choice for crushing equipment

Our THOR linings are suitable for all companies that are engaged in crushing. The manufacturer's product range includes wear parts for jaw, cone, and gyratory crushers. All alloys that are used for the manufacture of standard linings can be modified using our THOR technology. Below, you’ll find a list of said alloys:

  • Classic Hadfield steel Mn13%. High structural strength, medium resistance to abrasive wear. Significant strength after work hardening;
  • Mn13% Cr2%. Increased tensile strength at a lower impact viscosity, better resistance to abrasive wear due to increased surface hardness before work hardening;
  • Mn18-21% Cr2%. An improved formula with additional chromium alloy building. Significant increase in hardness after heat treatment, increased resistance to abrasive wear (up to 20% when compared to the A grade);
  • Mn18-21% Cr2% Ti Mo. A special composition with a manganese content of more than 20%, in addition to other alloying elements. The metal has an increased impact viscosity. This features the highest resistance to abrasive wear in Mining Element’s range of manganese steels.

Going beyond the standards for element content is not allowed. Reducing the manganese content below the standard will lead to the increased abrasive wear of the liner. Increasing the manganese content above the standard will lead to an increase in the brittleness of the liner and an increase in the probability of premature failure as a result of large fraction processing or encounters with unbreakable media.

An individual approach with best-in-class service

Mining Element performs fully-fledged engineering work regarding the selection and installation of THOR linings in accordance with the characteristics of the plant’s crushing equipment. The range of services includes:

  1. An on-site visit from an engineer. A specialist measures the dimensions of the unit and studies the wear characteristics accordingly.
  2. Preparation of a technical and economic solution, with the provision of an estimate, pending the customer’s approval.
  3. A specialist on-site visit for the supervision of lining installation.

Mining Element offers technical and service support throughout the entire life-cycle of the equipment. Components for crushing machines are supplied with a manufacturer's warranty. Thanks to the efficient work of the logistics department, we’re able to ensure the prompt delivery of linings to enterprises in any region.

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