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Wear-resistant lining materials from Mining Element — reliable protection for steel equipment

In the mining industry, the wear of components is inevitable because the equipment is frequently subjected to strong mechanical, thermal and chemical influences. Wear-resistant materials, which make up equipment linings, reliably protect steel equipment (crushers, mills, hydroclones, pipelines, conveyor devices, dump trucks, graders, excavators) from corrosion, abrasive wear and sticking, while doubling their operational life. Their use has a positive impact on the productivity of the enterprise. Accordingly, the profitability of the enterprise increases.

Mining Element designs, manufactures and supplies linings for mining and other equipment made of improved alloys. The production process is regulated by the requirements of industry standards. Co-operation with a certified laboratory, equipped with the necessary testing equipment and one that undergoes regular inspections, allows you to sel ect the best wear-resistant materials for the manufacture of the part. 

Abundance of linings

The product range of Mining Element includes consumables for mining equipment that are used in mines, quarries and crushing complexes. The manufacturer offers to buy linings made of synthetic and composite materials, as well as wear-resistant alloys. In the production of consumable parts, the following allays are used:

  • 4 main grades of manganese steel. The carbon content is regulated depending on the percentage of manganese in the composition. In classic Gadfield steel, it’s 13%, while in modern alloys it’s 18-21%;

  • Perlite chromium-molybdenum steel. Its advantages are: improved strength characteristics, increased service life (15% more than that of manganese steel) and a high wear resistance (hardness – 325-400HBW);

  • High-chromium white cast iron. This kind of lining provides the highest wear resistance (boasting a hardness of more than 500HBW). It can also be easily disassembled due to the absence of riveting elements;

  • Bimetal. This hybrid lining is based on low-carbon or heat-resistant steel. The operating temperature range is up to + 900 °C;

  • Wear-resistant steel. This is resistant to­ abrasion and cracking, it perfectly perceives shock loads, has good bending ability­ and is suitable for welding (hardness ranging from 400 to 550HB)

  • Rubber. The advantages of this material include good wear resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, in addition to being resistant to temperature changes and aggressive environments (acids, alkalis, and chemicals). This lining reduces the level of noise and vibration compared to its metal counterpart. It also reduces the load on all components of the unit due to its lightness. Moreover, the rubber surface does not adhere to the small particles of crushed rock, making it resistant to sticking;

  • Composite materials. Mining Element produces rubber-ceramic and polyurethane-ceramic linings. The operating temperature range of the former is fr om -35 to +90 °C, while the latter – fr om -60 to +80 °C. These linings last several times longer than steel parts, and are resistant to oils and some solvents;

  • Polyurethane. This material allows for curved lining surfaces, is resistant to low temperatures, and is characterized by its strength, tear resistance and wear resistance properties;

  • Supramolecular polyethylene. The special feature of this material is an extremely low coefficient of friction combined with high impact strength. Polyethylene lining is used to protect against wear caused by sliding friction and impact loads at a small angle of incidence of particles, as well as to prevent sticking.

The choice of lining material is determined by the operating conditions of the equipment.

We tailor our approach to the individual and provide a best-in-class service

Mining Element performs fully-fledged engineering work on the selection and installation of lining materials tailored to the characteristics of the enterprise's equipment:

  1. Service engineer on-site visit. A specialist measures the dimensions of the unit and studies the wear characteristics.

  2. Preparation of a technical and economic solution in addition to a quote, which then needs to be approved by the customer.

  3. Production of a set of linings.

  4. Specialist on-site visit for the supervision of lining installation.

Mining Element offers technical and service support throughout the entire service life of the equipment. The product price includes subsequent warranty support, and the price of consumables is justified by their extended service life. Thanks to the efficient work of the logistics department, prompt delivery of components to enterprises in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia is ensured.

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