Who will ensure the operation of mining industry under the sanctions?

11/07/2022 05:10:00 pm

Many enterprises in the mining industry were not ready for the departure of the Western equipment manufacturers. There was a stop in delivery to Russia of a number of unique items, for example, hydraulic and electronic components.

 «There are components that require a very complex customs clearance scheme including certification, import of samples, approval of technical documentation, etc. No one dares to deliver them at the moment. These are, for example, the unique hydraulic and electronic components»,  — says Aleksey Zubekhin, Head of Crushing and Screening, Wear-Resistant Materials and Mills at Mining Element,  — «Another example is the drilling rigs of a major European brand. This piece of machinery is equipped with screw compressors, which are produced by only one company in the world under a direct contract with the equipment manufacturer. And now it is not possible to supply these spare parts».

 You can learn everything you need to know about the changes that have taken place in the mining industry during the year and the potential providers of the spare parts for the ore-dressing and processing enterprises from the interview with Alexei Zubekhin.

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