Mining Element’s six years of work: events and facts

01/24/2023 10:24:00 am

Mining Element is celebrating six years of successful work. Last year, the company left the international group Element Global and became an independent Russian legal entity. The product range has grown to 80 thousand items, and the production volume over the years has amounted to more than 18 thousand tons of spare and wear parts.

Focusing on results

Six years ago, two men who had just left their senior positions in a prestigious European company to start their own business were sitting in a tiny office assembling IKEA furniture. To all specialists who came for a job interview, they announced one goal - to become leaders in the spare parts market for mining equipment in the next few years. Two years later, Mining Element has been working with 80 partner factories around the world and has opened its own representative office in China.

By the beginning of 2023, Mining Element was offering more than 80 thousand items for all categories of equipment involved in the extraction and processing of ore, as well as in the production of aggregates being used in the construction industry. Element brand products account for a quarter of the market of liners for crushing equipment and 45% of the linings for vertical mills segment. The annual output exceeded 8 thousand tons.

“When we started the company, we immediately faced strong competition from small traders and the need to convince customers to abandon OEM parts in favor of ours. So we decided to build a manufacturing company aiming at the large volumes,” Marat Abdurahimov, Business Development Director of Mining Element, shared, “In 2022 the market has changed, and now we do not compete, but fully replace parts from equipment manufacturers, providing quality technical and information support both directly and through our dealers. We are approaching the leading position in the spare parts market in Russia, having established ourselves as reliable partners for mining enterprises.”

By 2023 Mining Element has occupied a quarter of the market for crushing equipment liners and 45% of the lining segment for vertical mills. The company is also actively developing the direction of design and engineering, offering the customers individually designed products, taking into account the operating conditions at the enterprises. Today, more than 400 enterprises have ordered reverse engineering services from Mining Element.

Partners and clients

During the six years of its development, Mining Element has experienced several major logistical crises caused by the pandemic, international sanctions and other factors. Despite these upheavals, the company continues to expand its product range, improve quality and increase outsourced production volume. Today, the number of partner sites includes 378 factories in Russia and the CIS, China, Iran, India, Turkey, South Africa and in the countries of Southern Europe. All enterprises have been accredited by the "Mining Element" quality control service and confirmed the compliance of processes to the international standards ISO:9001.

“Six months after the founding of Element, we realized the need to not only purchase, but to manage the product and its quality, and provide technical support. Our goal was to offer an alternative to OEM without the traditional risks involved. The latest political and economic events in the country have revealed our leading position in the market, our brand has become recognizable and trustworthy, the number of orders has increased, and now the task is not to let our partners down in these difficult times. The work of each person in our team is important,” said Marat Abdurahimov, Business Development Director of Mining Element.

To keep up with all the important events in our company, please subscribe to the Element telegram channel. Thank you for choosing us through all these years, let's continue to develop our cooperation and stay in touch!

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