Olga Stepuk Nominated for the "Leading Woman in Mining" International Award

09/19/2023 12:38:00 pm

For the second consecutive year, Olga Stepuk, Director of Wear-Resistant Solutions, has secured a finalist spot for the prestigious international award presented by the Woman in Mining Russia foundation.

This year witnessed an impressive 451 entries, with a select panel narrowing down the competition to 120 outstanding professionals from 57 companies spanning the metallurgy, petrochemical, and mining industries. Stepuk stands out as a nominee in the "Innovation of the Year" category, being recognized for her pioneering approach to developing efficient solutions tailored for the mining sector.

Throughout 2023, she spearheaded the launch of a range of innovative products. This venture was rooted in an in-depth analysis of the specific needs and working conditions of various industry enterprises, complemented by a technical audit of "Mining Element" production facilities. These new solutions were strategically designed to serve as alternatives to Western brands, particularly those no longer available in Russia.

The much-anticipated award ceremony, set to unveil the distinguished winners, is scheduled for October 6th, to be hosted at the Public Chamber in Moscow, Russia.

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