Yulia Kalyagina: "The main task of the combine is to extract raw materials, not to organise the supply of spare parts."

11/24/2023 10:27:00 am

Yulia Kalyagina, Director of Strategic Procurement at Mining Element, spoke at the "Mining Industry of the Arctic: External and Internal Growth Factors" conference in Kirovsk.

Yulia shared with her industry colleagues how to correctly choose a supplier of spare and wear parts and establish processes for working with manufacturing plants.

The expert identified two key issues that concern enterprises today regarding the supply of spare parts:

  • Why can't the production of wear materials be localised to avoid switching from a European provider to a Chinese one?
  • How is the work on product quality being carried out under current conditions?

    Yulia noted that at the moment, mining and processing plants (MPPs) face a pressing issue of ensuring the supply of spare parts, a task that the procurement department often struggles to handle independently, as this process requires serious competencies in dealing with manufacturing plants.

    Yulia Kalyagina: "The main task of the combine is to extract raw materials, not to organise the supply of spare parts. At the conference, we focused on the difference between the work of a regular procurement department and outsourcing production, where the company establishes communication and work with plants, modernises parts, offers logistics services, and provides guarantees for products."

    Additionally, the expert mentioned an interesting report presented by Andrey Abrashitov, Director of the Kirovsk branch of JSC "Apatit". He shared the challenges that the MPP faces and the actions taken to address them, and stressed the need for cooperation between enterprises and manufacturers. Abrashitov emphasised the importance of building dialogue with suppliers to obtain quality products and to seek joint optimal solutions.

    This was the first successful experience of participating in conferences for our company. Therefore, we will continue to work on the development of the Element Brand and are already planning the next events.

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