This Just in From Mining Element: First Hydraulic Drill Already in Stock

02/15/2024 04:08:00 pm

Mining Element has recently unveiled its latest offering: the RDE-18 hydraulic drill, now ready for Epiroc drilling machinery and currently available for immediate dispatch. This drill is designed to fit seamlessly with the most sought-after models from the Boomer and Simba series.

Dmitry Mikhailov, the product manager specializing in underground mobile machinery, emphasized the industry's urgent requirement for reliable spare parts and consumables for drilling equipment. "Mining Element recognizes the market's needs and its strategic significance. Armed with the right expertise, we are poised to deliver the best solutions. Furthermore, we provide unparalleled support for our products, extending through both warranty and post-warranty periods," he remarked.

In 2023, Mining Element expanded its product line to include spare parts for underground navigation tools. This new range features hydraulic drills, pumps, and other related hydraulic devices, alongside a variety of filters, transmission components, engine parts, metallic elements, and general industrial machinery components.

Customers looking to purchase spare parts for their underground and drilling machinery are encouraged to reach out via email at

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