Element's bimetallic linings have significantly outperformed original spare parts, lasting four times longer

03/12/2024 04:12:00 pm

Four years ago, a gravel production company installed these linings from Element, and they've since processed about 10 million tons of material. This is a stark improvement over the previous Hardox plates, which needed replacing every 12 months.

In February 2020, Mining Element's specialists fitted their bimetallic plates to the receiving table of a Metso screen at a gravel quarry. These plates have successfully withstood the impact of gabbro-diabase rocks smaller than 100 mm for over four years, a task that the former Hardox 450 HB steel plate could only manage for a year. Throughout this time, Element's plates have handled over 10 million tons of material.

This achievement means the company has significantly cut down on the frequency and costs of replacing linings, while also extending the time between necessary maintenance. Currently, the plates show only 40% wear, indicating they still have a considerable service life ahead.

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