Mining Element at Mining World Russia 2024

05/02/2024 02:40:00 pm

The 28th International Exhibition of Mining Equipment and Machinery, Mining World Russia 2024, was the largest in its history. Spanning over 30,000 square metres at the Moscow "Crocus Expo," the event attracted a vast array of participants and visitors. Our team at Mining Element engaged in numerous productive negotiations. Below is our report on the event highlights and our future directions.

Innovations in Autonomous Underground Equipment

In 2023, Mining Element launched a new line focusing on spare parts for autonomous underground equipment. At this year's exhibition, these components were highlighted as the most sought-after by attendees. We showcased high-demand spare parts from renowned brands such as EPIROC, Normet, and Sandvik, categorised into three main groups:

  1. Filters: Including air, oil, and fuel filters, our range now encompasses over 500 different spare parts and components.
  2. Hydraulic Pumps: Our offerings include axial piston pumps, gear pumps, valves, and various hydraulic consumables.
  3. Hydraulic Breakers: We introduced the experimental model RDE-18, which is currently undergoing field tests in Russia. This breaker is designed for popular drilling rigs like the Boomer and Simba series.

Andrey Novikov, Director of Projects and Materials, stated, "In the near future, we plan to expand our inventory to include highly demanded parts for Dana and Kessler transmissions, and engine parts for Volvo, Deutz, and Cummins, including complete engine assemblies."

Custom Solutions for Crushing Equipment

Our exhibit also garnered significant interest in our crushing equipment parts, particularly for their role in enhancing efficiency and durability. "We offer solutions that extend the life of linings and improve the efficiency of the crushing process," explained Alexey Zubekhin, Director of Crushing and Sorting.

He shared a case study from an iron ore facility where uneven loading led to disproportionate wear. Our team successfully proposed a modification in the alloy of the linings to even out wear and extend maintenance intervals, saving the enterprise considerable time and money.

Diversifying through New Brands and Import Substitution

The theme of import substitution continued to dominate discussions, with a focus on reverse engineering to produce spare parts locally. Beyond replacing parts for brands that have exited Russia, there was keen interest in parts for Chinese, Turkish, and Russian equipment. Our collaboration with top Chinese manufacturers like LIMING and Mining Partner has positioned us as a key supplier in Russia's diversifying equipment landscape.

Furthermore, we have responded to the need for parts for rare or exclusive equipment types, expanding our offerings based on customer needs. "We've increased our coverage for Sandvik and Metso from 70% to 85-90%, depending on the models," Zubekhin noted.

Commitment to Reliable Partnerships


The mining industry has seen an influx of suppliers of varying reliability over the past year. Marat Abdurakhimov, Director of Development, emphasised the growing demand for dependable partners. "Our company stands out by providing verified supplies, custom solutions, and maintaining close relationships with our clients," he commented.

As we wrap up this eventful exhibition, we at Mining Element extend our gratitude to everyone for their enthusiasm and collaboration. We are eager to begin implementing our planned projects and continue fostering strong partnerships in the industry.

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