Polytechnic Students Model Hydraulic Pumps for Mining Element

05/29/2024 04:03:00 pm

On May 18th, our team organised an Engineering Hackathon for the students of the Higher School of Transportation at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Participants were tasked with preparing a parametric model of a hydraulic pump based on sketches.

The program was packed and began with a small quiz, the winner of which received their virtual 3D portrait. For this, our design engineer first scanned the winner using a 3D scanner.

Afterwards, the students were introduced to Mining Element. Our experts discussed the work of the design department and talked about career opportunities in the engineering company.

Then the Hackathon began. For four hours, students from different courses competed for the first prize. The task was not easy. Participants were asked to develop a parametric model of a hydraulic pump based on sketches, with a focus on 3D modelling. The assembly unit of the product consisted of a shaft, thrust ring, housing, impeller, flange, and pulley, which needed to be modelled and then assembled into an almost complete pump.


According to the Mining Element team, all the participants did an excellent job.


"We met some promising future specialists. It was great to see that even the first-year students, who do not have much experience with CAD programs, tried to get the most out of the event and did not give up until the end. Moreover, the participants asked high-quality questions, making it especially enjoyable for our specialists to work with them," shared Dmitry Vannag, head of the design department.

We thank all the participants for their interest and engagement!

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