Mining Element in Central Asia and The Caucasus

01/28/2021 10:46:00 am

Proximity to mountain ranges usually indicates the presence of rich mineral deposits. Countries within Central Asia and the Caucasus are no exception. Indeed, the mining industry plays a significant role within their economies. That is why such countries as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Armenia are among Mining Element’s priority regions.

In these countries, precious metal mining plants use mills, pumps, various types of crushers, and other kinds of equipment. All the machines require regular repair and replacement of wear and spare parts. Mining Element is actively developing its market in these regions. After all, the products that it develops suit these regions well.

“We enhanced our product portfolio, opened new sales channels, and strengthened our team. Therefore, we expect a substantial growth of potential and completed deals in Central Asia and the Caucasus. We distributed our main force in areas which are already successful and contain loyal customers. So far, the bulk of our activity has been in those regions requiring spare and wear parts for pumps and crushing equipment. Now, we have the opportunity to deliver parts for other types of equipment, for example, mills”, — the Mining Element’s representative in Central Asia and the Caucasus said.

Mining Element’s clients appreciate the opportunity to cut their operational costs by installing alternative parts at lower price. Meanwhile, these alternative parts are not inferior to their OEM counterparts, and the proximity of the abovementioned republics to Mining Element’s manufacturers allows the saving of time and the prompt delivery of parts to customers.

You can order wear and spare parts, which correspond to a variety of operating conditions and suit all popular brands, through Mining Element’s official representative.

If you need details regarding the mining enterprises in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, please send a request to

If you are located in Armenia, please contact us at

You also can send a request via the short form on our website, to which our managers will promptly reply.

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