Parts of a general industrial application

Element offers a wide range of components for general industrial applications that meet industry standards of quality. These are V-belts and banded belts, pulleys and bushings, bearings, motors, gearboxes, filters, hydraulic drive elements (hydraulic motors, pumps, hydraulic cylinders), hydraulic distribution equipment, as well as standard and special fasteners.

Equipment manufacturers often encode the components of a general industrial application used in equipment assembling. Our customers who operate the equipment do not always have the ability to identify the product characteristics and choose the required component or its counterpart. Often products sought from various suppliers on an ad hoc basis may not necessarily lead to any cost-savings, instead, logistic and organizational costs may even be unduly costly.

We know the required technical characteristics of general industrial application components for equipment of various manufacturers, and we can offer parts that are not inferior in quality to the original products, but with a much better price offering.

Our benefits

  • Identification of the nomenclature of applied standard components
  • Selection of analogues corresponding to technical characteristics and quality
  • Engineering adaptation to connecting dimensions