Slurry handling equipment parts

Slurry pump parts

The optimally designed slurry transportation system, including pumping equipment, hose systems and shut-off and control valves system, is a main artery of the ore-processing plant, that reliably delivers the required volumes and tonnage of ore to each processing stage.

Optimizing the cost of the slurry transportation system significantly reduces the operating costs of the processing plant, the use of alternative spare and wear parts

for pumping equipment with the same or longer lifetime than the existing one can reduce costs up to 40-50% of the existing level.

Element spare and wear parts for pumping equipment and hose systems manufactured according to our specifications at certified manufacturing plants in Europe, India, China, South Africa and other countries, meet the industry standards of quality and the most demanding operating conditions to maintain the smooth-running operation of your company's equipment.

Our capabilities:

• Supply of spare and wear parts for an installed fleet of pumping equipment from different manufacturers for pumps sizes from 2/1.5 to 28/24.

The pump wet end can be made both from different alloys of high chromium iron and from natural rubber of various compositions in accordance with the technical requirements upon request.

• Supply of spare and wear parts according to customer's individual drawings or, if necessary, drawings developed by our design engineers. Modernization and supply of parts in accordance with the customer's requirements, both in terms of geometry and in terms of materials of manufacture in order to achieve optimal technological characteristics and minimum operating costs based on years of experience in adjustment and operation of pumping equipment.

Hose systems

Hose systems are used for slurry transfer in the mineral processing industry, coal refinement plants, power plants in the steel and cement industries as well as other industries where high wear resistance and convenience of assembling are required.

Element hose systems and their components are based on years of practical experience in the installation and modernization of the hose system. Our products meet the requirements of industry standards and customer requests for quality of materials used and wear resistance as well as environmental standards. Our engineers, basing on the experience gained, will help to design and implement a hose system that will be distinguished by minimum hydraulic resistance at specified flow rates and possible flow fluctuations, which will increase not only the life of the hose system, but also the lifetime of pumps equipment. Reasonable planning of inspections and the possibility of turning hose systems allows us to repeatedly change zones of maximum wear of hose systems and system components thus help to extend the lifetime of pipes and to minimize the costs of replacing worn parts.

Depending on the required application, the hoses are supplied with a different internal wear-resistant layer of natural rubber or NBR rubber. Depending on the hose system design, it is possible to use separate bends or use standard hose system by making bends equal to five diameters of the nominal diameter of the hose. Lightweight and easy-to-install aluminum couplings with rings gaskets are designed to seal the elements of the hydraulic transportation system. Conical gaskets protect coupling from direct contact with slurry and provide reliable sealing and reliability connection to the coupling even in case of a hydraulic impact.

Our benefits

The use of reliable spare and wear parts of Element production can considerably reduce operational expenditures for maintenance of hydraulic transport system.

- Competitive offer for the spare parts and components of the hydraulic transport system
- Wide range of flow parts of pump manufacturing materials
- Professional experience of modernization and service support
- Possibility of operative modernization of components
- Delivery based on the analysis of consumption and reduction of storage costs.